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Jaben Forum Etiquette
« on: Jul 20, 2008, 19:04:58 »
Hi Everyone and we do mean everyone,

Inevitably, the question about the rules of the forum will pop up and this will end up with lots of do's and don'ts. We feel, at this point in time, this is not necessary as we rather go by a simple rule - If this is your home, how would you expect anyone to behave.

Quarreling, fighting, nasty behavior or flaming will not be condoned or allowed and the forum is moderated. We want a harmonious community. After all, we're all here to have some good and enjoyable fun.

We stress the need to communicate properly. This forum like the blog will be visited by many friends from all over the world. Hence, deliberately mutilated words, pidgin, vulgar or non-standard language is not encouraged. A dash of anything within limits does add color but it must be a class-act and if possible followed by a brief explanation. The language of this forum is English and we are also aware that English is not the native language for many people. We make no demands except to encourage good and comprehensible English.  After all, if the post is not easily understood, there will be hardly any response, so in effect, it would be wasted effort. We ask for your indulgence as we may edit the posts if and when it is necessary.

Like all beginnings, this forum will grow and we will include more content as time goes by.

So, for the moment my friends, welcome and a pleasant stay.

Stay Well, The Jaben Team
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