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Best place to buy RS gold on RSgoldfast
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TERA might not function as jam, at least not in this day and   more age, but if you're mostly a console gamer and considering dipping your feet into the MMO genre, the console version of TERA is a great place to get started.TERA - Problems shifting the game to the console. And relatively recently, this list is supplemented by another game - TERA. Twinfinite portal was able to convey with Matt Denomte (Matt Denomme), who's the senior manager at En Masse Entertainment.

In his interview, he also informed me what problems the developers faced, and answered some interesting questions.According to Matt, initially Tera was made only for PCs, but support to the gamepad was accessible even during the test builds, and even though its usage for battle was rather convenient, interaction with some of the interface components remained extremely uncomfortable.

This group chose to redo the majority of the game systems directly to the needs of consoles. At the same time, developers drew some ideas from other MMORPGs accessible to the owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.En Masse Entertainment also thought of the possibility of cross-platform gameplay using a PC version, but quickly abandoned the idea, deciding to focus on creating special features and immediately improving the console so that consumers could find an unforgettable experience from the sport.

Additionally, Matt said that the transfer of Tera to the Nintendo Switch is possible, however so far the developers have no plans to operate on this, or so the vacancy for the first MMORPG for this platform stays open. As for the future console version of the game, the team intends to  OSRS gold  synchronize events with those that are readily available to PC users. On the other hand, the studio encounters some difficulties when working in this way, so that they proceed with some lag.

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