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Re: All About Orthodynamic
« Reply #2550 on: Jan 07, 2011, 08:03:30 »
History: Motorola A2DP HT-820, Koss KSC11, sennheiser (PMX60), AKG (K24p, K26p, K518dj, K501 [LP] with K701 pads, K400 [LP]), Ultrasone (DJ1, HFI580), Audio Technica (ATH-2), Sony (DR-11), AKG K12p, dbE HF10 mod, Fostex T20v2 mod, NAD RP-18 [basslight mod Kabeer], NAD RP-18 kapton modded with pads Koss MV1, Yamaha HP1 aniso mod, Fostex T10, Fostex T30 black/regular fork, with pads Beats Detox, Germania recabled, Fostex T30 silver fork, with pads beats Detox, ipod photo 4thGen 40gb, S.O.U.L SEv.1 (custom), Shuffle 1st GEN 1gb
Now: Vido with mic + KZ HD9 + KZ ATR + KZ ZSN pro + Yamaha YH3 modded + DIYcans 120ohm + JBL Ref 510 NC mod

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